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This is how she came to me from the pound. Under weight, exhausted, and having had a litter of puppies pulled away from her, she was a mess. She slept for a 6 days before really getting a good look around the place.

Now she's nice and sleek! She loves patrolling the property and having all that freedom.

She's a very happy dog!

She keeps a watchful eye on the property, even all the other animals. There has never been an attack on the cats or rabbits. She and a rooster had been in a confrontation with a coyote. They were keeping the hens safe. The rooster lost the battle and Nny went into mourning for him.

Logan likes to bother her on her off time. The two of them are very close and spend a lot of time together. Nny likes to scratch his back but won't allow Logan to eat with her!

She did get a little training (I couldn't help myself). She goes on day trips with Derv and me! You never know where we'll end up. This was a spot in Helen, GA. She was still in training not to pull on leash so I had her on a head harness that I love!

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September Totals

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Eggs Angora Wool (oz) Garden (lb) Chickens Rabbits (Wool) Rabbits (Meat) Dogs Cats
128 Not time! Done 7 8 2 3 5