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Logan is a Manx (born with no tail). We assume that's the reason he has such a problem jumping on anything. He looks like a cartoon character pumping himself up to jump!

He really know how to relax when it's cold. He's acutally laying on Nny's bed. Because they get along so well, they've been known to be on the bed together!

Nny is his favorite friend! Logan will pick on her until she gets up and scratches him. He seems to love his home and wandering around the house.

Sometimes he and Derv can get along. When she gets fed up, poor Logan gets it right in the face and he obediently moves away... from where he's sleeping, where he's sitting, or even when he's eating!

And he's usually too nosy for his own good! Here he's taking a break from stalking the chicks. Herbie is there to make sure Logan doesn't get in over his head!

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September Totals

I'll try to update every Sunday!

Eggs Angora Wool (oz) Garden (lb) Chickens Rabbits (Wool) Rabbits (Meat) Dogs Cats
128 Not time! Done 7 8 2 3 5