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"Devon Angel"

Devon Angel is my special needs cat. Born mentally challenged, he couldn't play with the other kittens without getting bulldozed over. I would hold him and we would watch the kittens play or find a game he could enjoy without getting mowed down!

He's my sweetheart and everyone knows it! He still loves to bat his crinkle ball around and he loves tummy rubs. He's a big cat with a kitten mentality!

As long as I have him, I will always spoil him! Winter is blankie time and he loves being covered up and fussed over. I probably won't have him as long as the other cats, so he usually gets special attention and playtime!

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September Totals

I'll try to update every Sunday!

Eggs Angora Wool (oz) Garden (lb) Chickens Rabbits (Wool) Rabbits (Meat) Dogs Cats
128 Not time! Done 7 8 2 3 5