Cockeyed Homestead 

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Welcome to the Cockeyed Homestead!

Our Mission

To live a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle for the next half century.

With the grace of God and the power of prayer we will succeed. Nothing is impossible with His help.

It wouldn't be us without laughter and joy at the Cockeyed Homestead.

Please join us on this cockeyed journey as we create the Cockeyed Homestead from almost scratch on the side of a mountain in Northeast Georgia! Some may think us crazy, but we like to think outside the box. #verything may seem a little cockeyed but we sure do love this life!

September Totals

I'll try to update every Sunday!

Eggs Angora Wool (oz) Garden (lb) Chickens Rabbits (Wool) Rabbits (Meat) Dogs Cats
128 Not time! Done 7 8 2 3 5